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All you need to know about Billycart Kids shoes

Shoe Features

Our shoes are designed to mimic the barefoot walking experience as closely as possible, which is so important for growing little feet.

Most of our shoes feature:

- Flexible, soft rubber soles for balance and coordination
- Comfortable, wide toes to fit the natural shape of little feet
- Ergonomic foot pads for comfort and support
- Lightweight materials to support easy movement
- Anti-slip sole tread for balance and safety
- Quality materials for easy cleaning and long lasting wear
- Strong velcro and elastic straps that are no fuss and quick to put on
- Reinforced heel for support
- Breathable mesh lining for comfort, to be worn with or without socks
- Removable, machine-washable, padded inner-soles for easy cleaning

And our shoes are uniquely designed in Australia, by an Australian owned and operated company.


One of the most frustrating things about buying kids shoes is that there are no set standard sizes – this makes it really difficult to order online.

When purchasing Billycart Kids shoes for the first time, refer to our super handy children's shoe sizing guide

Or check out the Billycart Kids foot size measurer which is available with free shipping. 

When measuring, remember to add up to 1.4cm to the longest foot measurement for some growth room.

Also, when you purchase two different styles in the same size, you may notice that one style appears smaller than the other. This is because some of our shoe styles use thicker outer materials than others. We’ve carefully based our sizing off the inner-sole measurement to ensure the perfect fit for your child's growing foot.

1. With your child in a standing position, place their heel against the curved end of the children’s foot measuring device

2. Push the white slider to the end of their big toe. 

3. Remove their foot and keep the white slider in position.

4. Take note of their foot length in cms. 

5. Use the table in our children’s shoe size guide to determine which size to order. 

If your little one has wide or chubby feet, we recommend only choosing styles from Wide Fit range of shoes here.

We made this change based on customer feedback, to allow easier comparison with other children's shoe brands. 

Each of our product descriptions shows the style in EU as well as bk (Billycart Kids) sizes. Refer to the bk size when using the Billycart Kids Foot Measurer to measure your child's foot. 

Because the soles on our shoes are specifically designed for different ages – for example, babies have different walking abilities to toddlers, so they need different soles. The upper designs of the shoes need to be adapted for each style of sole.

Not all styles are made in all sizes. All manufactured sizes appear in the sizing drop down for each style, and are greyed out if sold out.

Individual styles will be restocked as follows:

Restocked approx. July 2024 - Jesse, Riley, Jett, Blake

Discontinued - Charlie, Jasper, MJ, Frankie, Sandy, Luna, London original (no elastic), Flynn, Brooklyn original (white elastic)

Yes. All our children's shoes are zero drop, where the heel and the toe both sit at the same height within our shoes. On some styles it looks like the heel may sit on a higher angle, this is an external optical illusion only as Billycart Kids shoes are designed to mimic barefoot walking.

Nope! Our shoes are nice and soft inside, so they’re perfect to wear with or without socks. 

Leather uppers: We recommend wiping our leather shoes and sandals regularly with a clean, damp cloth or specially labelled "leather wipes".

Removable fabric inner-soles: You can hand wash inner-soles, or place them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Innersoles can move within the shoe due to a sizing issue or just the natural way your child walks with more pressure on the inside or outside of the foot. In this instance, you may chose to stick down the inner-sole with a very thin double-sided fabric tape, so it may still be removed for cleaning. We do not recommend using thick tape, as the child will be able to feel this bump beneath their foot

Removable leather inner-soles: Simply remove the insole and wipe clean. 

Suede: We recommend spraying suede with a protective spray before use. 

Rubber soles, or canvas and mesh uppers: You might like to use a toothbrush to gently scrub these areas with a mild soap or detergent.

Innersoles may move in the shoes for some children due to a sizing issue or just the natural way some children walk with more pressure on the inside or outside of the foot. In this instance, some customers have chosen to stick down the inner-sole with a very thin double-sided fabric tape, so it may still be removed for cleaning. We do not recommend using thick tape, as the child will be able to feel this bump beneath her foot.  

Alternatively, it is safe to wear Billycart Kids without innersoles if you would prefer to remove them all together. Some podiatrists and physios recommend removing the inner soles completely to promote an even more "barefoot" experience.  

Orders and payments

When you get to the checkout section, just type your gift voucher number in and press ‘apply’.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Afterpay. 

Please take care when ordering as we are generally unable to make changes to orders after they’re processed and paid for. 

If you do experience issues, please get in touch and we’ll do what we can to assist you. 

All pre-sale orders are shipped as soon as they arrive at our warehouse. Please check the description of individual items for estimated dispatch dates.

Please Note: ALL ITEMS in your order will be posted together. If you order a pre-sale item and a stocked item within the same transaction, all your items will be posted together when the pre-order stock has arrived at the warehouse. To avoid waiting, you can order stocked items and pre-sale items in separate transactions.

Shipping and delivery

You’ll find the answers to all your shipping-related questions on our shipping information page.

We pack and ship most orders from our Melbourne warehouse within 2 business days. Once your order has shipped you’ll receive an email with your Australia Post tracking details. 

Please note: During peak times, Australia Post can experience significant delays. These delays are frustrating for everyone, but unfortunately they are outside of our control, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. 

If your order has been delayed for more than three weeks, please get in touch with our team and we’ll lodge an inquiry with Australia Post on your behalf.  

You’ll find the answers to all your exchange, return and refund-related questions on our returns policy page.


You'll find Billycart Kids shoes in children's boutiques across Australia.

Check out our stockists page for a full list of retailers.

If you have a retail store and you’re interested in becoming a stockist of Billycart Kids, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at

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