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      Our soft rubber soles are the next best thing to barefoot 

      When your little one is learning to walk, barefoot is best. 

      But when they’re outside or exposed to the heat or cold, barefoot won’t do. So the next best thing is a Billycart Kids shoe. 

      Our shoes are not just stylish, easy to clean and quick to put on (the perfect daycare shoe!). They’re also specially designed for first walkers, with a flexible, soft rubber sole that mimics the experience of walking barefoot. And they’re podiatrist approved, too. 

      Investing in age-appropriate shoes doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And the right shoe will make all the difference to your child’s progress – better balance and posture, improved muscle development, and more confidence to run, jump and climb. 

      Check out our size guide to help you find the perfect fit.