About Us

Thank you for shopping our range of podiatrist endorsed children’s shoes online with Billycart Kids!

‘Billycart Kids’ are adventurous boys and girls who love being outside. They go through more than one change of clothes in a day, love to climb, and have the biggest smiles on their faces when they are creating messy fun. They are the kids banging on the glass door, wanting to go out and explore as soon as breakfast is finished.

If this sounds like your little one, we’ve got the footwear for you in our range! 

We are a family business located in regional Queensland, Australia. We are passionate about providing good quality, durable shoes for active children, while not compromising on the health and comfort of their growing little feet.  

Our shoes are not only stylish, they are packed with features designed to give your children’s feet the perfect fit as they learn to walk, climb and play confidently.

As parents, we want the best for our little one’s growing feet but we also don't want to spend a fortune knowing that their feet grow so fast. Choosing the right shoe is important for toddlers and new walkers because their bones, muscles and ligaments are still developing. The best baby shoes, first walker and toddler shoes will encourage good balance, posture and coordination.

What to look for when buying first walker shoes:

  1. Podiatrist endorsement
  2. Flexible, soft rubber soles for balance and coordination
  3. Comfortable, wide toe to fit the natural shape of the feet
  4. Ergonomic foot pads for comfort and support
  5. Light-weight materials to support easy movement
  6. Anti-slip sole tread for balance and safety
  7. Quality materials for easy cleaning and long lasting wear
  8. Strong Velcro & elastic straps that are easy for you to slip on, but harder for littlies to take off by themselves
  9. Durable, reinforced heel for support and lasting wear
  10. Breathable mesh lining for comfort
  11. Machine-washable, padded inner-soles for easy cleaning


We are proud to say that our must have, cute range of shoes have all these features! They are made with quality, long lasting materials including leather and are the best choice for kids with wide feet.  From our soft rubber sole infant shoes, to non-slip toddler sandals, and up to size 9 sneakers - Our shoes suit pre-walkers, early walkers, beginner walkers and toddlers.

We encourage you to use our size conversion chart here  to pick the perfect shoe size for your child.

Happy walking! xx



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